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Are you seeing high absenteeism rates, lack of employee engagement and loss of productivity? Are you concerned about stress and burnout in the workplace? 

Happy, satisfied employees are fundamental to a successful business, yet studies show that less than 30% of the North American workforce are engaged, costing businesses USD $550 billion per year.

Companies spend over USD $8 billion annually on employee wellness initiatives to increase employee engagement and productivity and to reduce health care costs. Many of these initiatives fail.

Poorly designed programs increase employee cynicism while negatively impacting employee engagement. To improve credibility and trust (and avoid legal liabilities), corporate wellness initiatives should be employee-centered. 

Get to the root of poor employee engagement, increased absenteeism, and low morale and give yourself an edge with NEUROFETCH.  

We can help you bring best practices in health and wellness to create a workplace of choice with diverse programs that address your employees’ needs.  We specialize in 

  • Virtual Wellness Coaching

  • Health and Wellness Events for Employees

  • Corporate Wellness Strategies

  • Employee engagement strategies to manage burnout and stress 

  • Quality Improvement of current wellness initiatives​

  • Program Evaluation of existing wellness initiatives

Looking for quantifiable employee wellness initiatives that build a thriving, engaged, and productive workforce? Call us for a free consultation.