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"Absolutely! I would recommend Abi. After hearing her speech in Rome, we paused to re-evaluate
our group dynamics. She helped us take a positive approach to engage our group of physician leaders from different countries . We saw amazing results."

"What we like about having Abi as our facilitator is, she can strike a delicate balance of active
listening to bring out our insights with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas. She helps us get to the core of a situation quickly and does not fail to leave us with helpful insights, ideas or
questions to ponder."

"After attending a workshop by Abi, I hired her as my coach. Over the course of six months, she prepared me for a new leadership role and supported me through the transition. She helped me manage my anxieties about the new position and manage a difficult situation efficiently."


I attended a workshop by Abi at a time when I was very unhappy with my career. It was taking a
toll on my relationships at home. After her talk on how to control your destiny, I decided to
create my ideal future by redesigning my career actively. As a result, I moved out of an area of employment where I thought I am destined to be and moved into a new area where I enjoy my work every day."